Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First ‘Halo 4′ details have the world talking about Master Chief

He's back. Or will be, shortly.
We last saw the 1,000-pound star of Microsoft's Halo franchise, the iconic Master Chief, hurtling through space after finishing the fight (kind of) in 2007's Halo 3. A fourth game was revealed to be in the works last year, but the specifics have been under tight wraps.
Those loosened up a bit on Monday thanks to the release of a behind-the-scenes trailer created by 343 Industries, the Microsoft developer tasked with handling the franchise. And we're guessing you're interested, as "Halo 4" almost immediately vaulted into the Top 10 Twitter trending topics within hours of the video's premiere.

Hawk-eyed Halo fans will find plenty to chew on here. Check it out

It's a little light on the story tidbits — we know that Master Chief will face a new foe, but we have zero idea who or what that is yet — though 343 does mention a number of cool factoids. Chief's armor and HUD (head-up display) have gotten serious facelifts, the burst-fire Battle Rifle makes a return, and plenty of multiplayer gameplay footage shows that yes, you will be getting your butt kicked online again.
But perhaps the most interesting news comes at the 2:55 mark or so, when Halo franchise development director Frank O' Connor mentions that they're finally going to give "a convincing reason" why the Red and Blue Spartan soldiers (the two opposing sides in Halo's long-running multiplayer) are fighting in the first place. A damsel in distress? The last pop tart? Just plain bored? The possibilities are endless.
The game is due out this holiday season, but expect plenty more info along the way.

Halo 4

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