Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swine Flu (A little pork never killed anybody)

Da_RehabCntr Films present a comedic short film called "Swine Flu" with Outtakes at the end. We follow a non swine eating guy by the name of Jailen who hates the sight, smell, and touch of swine/pork (at least when there are people around. He's put to the test on a Saturday afternoon when his homeboys come over with fresh sandwiches from the local pork restaurant. Will Jailen remain strong, or will he fall a victim to the swine. Only time will tell, Swine Flu.......

Shot/edited/directed by Keith Vann aka "Fatal Son". Additional shots by Sanford Williams.

Introducing Keith Vann as "Jailen", Sanford Williams as "Raymond", Eric Collins-Brown as "Andre", and Ryan Walker as "Jason".

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