Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brainwash: Airplay

     Ever hear a song on the radio for the first time and be like, wow that song was wack as hell.  Two weeks later after the song has been in constant rotation, all of sudden your head is bobbing back and forth singing the words verbatim.  It happens to everybody and before you know it, they got you.  It's the theory of repetition, the more you hear it, the more you start feeling it.  Nowadays I listen to the radio to hear the radio personalities.  As soon as they start playing the music, I turn the channel.  Don't get me wrong, it's not just the wack songs.  Beyonce is dope, but if I hear "So in Love" one more time on the radio, I'm a be 38 hot (mad as hell)!  Every morning like clockwork at around 8:30, hear it come, "you're a bad girl and your friends bad to, you got that swag sauce, you're dripping swaggu."  What the hell.  It's not just Beyonce, the first couple of times I was rocking out to Ceelo and Melanie Fiona, now I just can't stomach it anymore.  It's like eating fried chicken and rice everyday.  Eventually, you just get tired of it.  I had to switch to XM and Pandora with the quickness. Regardless if a song is wack or not on commercial radio, if you got the gouda (cheese/money), your song is gonna get played.  I'm definitely not mad at the artist, because if it was me I would want my songs played on the radio all the time to.  I just think people should have a choice on the music they want to hear without it being shoved down their throat.  There are a lot of hot artist out there grinding to get their one shot.  Some of them will get heard, and some of them will not.  It's just the way it goes.  So no matter what part of the country your in and what playlist is being played, if you're fed up with the radio, you have choices.  Don't be brainwashed and programmed by commercial airwaves.  Now I definitely can not speak for everybody, because some people are content with hearing the same joints everyday on the radio.  I'm not saying they're lazy, but some people just don't care about music like that, and are willing to hear anything that comes out of their speakers, but for everybody who relies on music to get through the day, Don't be brainwashed!!!!!!

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