Friday, February 10, 2012

Hazing: What's the DAMN problem!!

What’s going on with all this hazing?  I’ll tell you what’s going on, absolutely nothing.  This has been going on since pledging began.  I just read the article where my fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha) chapter (Alpha Omicron) is in trouble for hazing.  I know when I pledged, we were “hazed” several semesters before we even started pledging.  We only had one incident when I was pledging that could have possibly been bad for the chapter.  Hazing doesn’t always have to be physical either.  For example, when I was in school, I can recall one of our pledgees being relieved of his car for an entire semester.  He eventually got it back, but he needed some engine work afterwards.  (LOL- you know who you are) Let’s just say it wasn’t on my line (5 Deadly Nubians), because we were too smart for that.  See back then it was “organized chaos”, and now I think it’s just chaos.  Don’t get me wrong we had livewire dudes like that back in the day, but we also had guys with cooler heads that weren’t afraid to step in and cut out the nonsense.  When I pledged we had five guys on our line.  Our #1 caught hell, but he just came to every pledge session with a ton of Ben Gay on, and kept it moving.  I can recall taking at least 25 licks from the Alpha Wood before I even started pledging officially.  I don’t know how I got through my four hour Biology lab with Ms. Sutton-Haywood the next morning.  It was plenty of nights I stood in the mirror and was like why am I doing this shit.  See where we sometimes lose focus is when guys cross over thinking they have to dish out the same ass whippings they received, but turned up a notch.  I know I felt like that in the beginning, until we had an incident where a pledgee stopped breathing.  Luckily someone knew CPR, and we avoided jail time.  After that I pumped my brakes on the pledge sessions I attended.  It’s unfortunate what happened to the drum major at FAMU.  I really don’t know the things or situations he was put in, but I do know if you’re not physically and mentally prepared for the things you’re put through, it can get real ugly.  My condolences go out to his family and all the families before him, because this is definitely not the first incident where a kid lost their life from being hazed.  I think eventually pledging at the undergraduate level is going to be eliminated if this continues.  So think twice before you slap the hell out of a pledgee (LOL).  To by brothers of the Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, GET IT TOGETHER.

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