Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Classic Sneaker Rundown: It's all in the Era

     If you're like me, you absolutely enjoy copping a pair of fresh sneakers.  I mean a fresh pair of sneakers will bring your whole wardrobe out.  Since I was a young kid I was a sucker for a pair of sneakers.  Unfortunately for me coming up my excitement for having a pair of fresh feet (shoes) did not always hold the same for my parents.  That's why I use to love the beginning of the school year.  It was nothing like packing into the car and headed to the store to go school shopping.  The only thing I hated was coming home after school and taking off my school clothes and shoes.  My play shoes when I was real young usually didn't even have a name officially, but everyone around my way called them jeepers, bo-bo's, and fish heads.  Damn, I remember my grandmother buying me a pair of sneakers from the Piggly Wiggly.  You know that's all bad.  Once I was old enough to start buying my own shoes though, it was on and popping.  I have assembled a collection of sneakers from past and present that I consider top notch kicks. If you were on it like I was, I'm sure your rocked some of the same kicks.  So this is dedicated to everybody who is also a sneaker fiend and as a kid spent many nights with a toothbrush, soap and water making sure they looked right for the next day.  So in no particular order here are some of my favorites.  If I left something out, leave a comment and let me know.  

Air Force One's (Orange and White flavor)

Air Huaraches (89 steez)

Jordan #4 (These my favorite ones)

Converse Weapons (Larry Bird's and Magic Johnson's)

Jordan #3 (I'm tripping, these my favorite ones)

Classic Jordan #1 (My bad these my favorite ones)

Air Jordan #6 (On everything, these my favorite ones)

Jordan #11 (These right here)


Jordan #7 (My favorites)
Reebok Classics (You can't lose with these)
Classic Puma's (83-86 tools)

Pro Keds (70's all day)


Prada's (Get ya money right)
Patrick Ewing (These joints is ill)

Pony: CityWings (Pony use to be a heavyweight)
Chuck Taylor (L.A, L.A.)


Saucony (That 86-88)
Kangaroos ('Roos had a good run back in the day)

Troop (I had the Troop Shoes and the  Sweat Suit)

Nike Vandal (The Terminator movie made these famous)

Diadora (Still hot)
British Knights aka BK's (I had a black and yellow pair with the Sweat Suit)

K Swiss (1990 status) 

Nike Blazers (My favorite Blazers)

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