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Fatal Son interview with WNBA Veteran Chasity Melvin


Before I started my full time journey banging out on the drum machine in the world of hip hop, I was a teacher at Lakewood High School and an Assistant Varsity Boys basketball coach. Chasity Melvin was a senior on the Varsity Girls team. I was highly impressed by her skills and her athletic ability on the court. She was a beast, as well as an academic scholar. She led Lakewood High School to their very first State Championship. I personally think they should name the gym after Chasity. After she graduated from high school, she went on to play for the late and legendary Kay Yow. After spending 4 years at N.C. State, she was drafted by the Cleveland Rockers in 1999. Chasity now plays with the Washington Mystics, and is currently playing overseas in Turkey during the WNBA’s offseason. She is a true example of “indiependence” because she has faced adversity with a tenacious spirit and built her empire from the ground up. She’s passionate about the game of basketball because it has granted her the ability to be a role model to people all over the globe and allowed her to see the world. I was able to have a conversation with Chasity and speak to her about everything from fashion, music, basketball, and life overseas.
FS: We come from a small community where everybody speaks when you pass by. Now you travel all over the world as a professional athlete. How did that small community up bringing prepare you for your life now?
CM: My up bringing prepared me in many ways for the life I live now. Three of the biggest things that it taught me were hard work, honesty and having good character. I was always taught growing up that those were the people that were successful and back home your character and work ethic and your word was what mattered. It represented your family and that’s very important in a small town. So I think that’s a big reason I’ve had such a successful career.
FS: Right now it’s the off season in the WNBA and you’re overseas in Turkey. Are there any similarities in their culture compared to ours in the States?
CM: There really aren’t any similarities. When I come overseas I just have to switch my mindset over to a more European way of thinking. If not then I will be asking “Why” my entire trip. Overseas the culture is more laid back, I mean they shut down for lunch over here. They close stores down for 2 or 3 hours. Really imagine businesses doing that in the states. Also the police are even laid back overseas. I mean we get traffic tickets for everything in the states. Overseas people don’t know what it is to stop much less come to a full stop.
FS: You’re in the locker room ready to hit the court for the game. What music are you listening to, to get you mentally prepared to go out and perform?
CM: First and foremost I listen to gospel music and do a Bible devotion. That’s where I get my strength from. Then right before the game, getting dressed; I’m listening to my hip hop T.I., Jay Z, Young Jeezy and if I really wanna go hard; I’ll put on some DMX.
FS: We here at IndiependenceTV promote independent fashion among other things. Who in your opinion is the best dressed person in the WNBA, NBA and what country overseas is the best place to go shopping, when you’re trying to get fresh?
CM: The best dressed person in the WNBA is probably Tina Thompson (Los Angeles Sparks) she has that Cali Style. The best dressed in the NBA is a tie between Dwayne Wade and Lebron James (Miami Heat). The best shopping overseas is Italy of course. When you come back from Italy you will always have something no one else has.
FS: Back in August 2010 the President of the United States Barack Obama attended one of your games with the Washington Mystics. He is a huge basketball fan and he also plays. Who would win in a game to 10 between yourself and him?
CM: Well if I got to play against the President I would have to say I would win. I would just throw my old school jump hook on him. If he got hot from the outside I would try to flirt with him a little and mess up his focus. That was an awesome experience having him at my game. It was even more awesome that he was taking out time with his daughter.
FS: You have played with the Washington Mystics for several seasons now. Have you become a fan of the Washington Go-Go scene?
CM: I haven’t become a fan of the Go-Go scene. I love DC though.
FS: They say the world is supposed to end December 21st of this year. If it was mandatory for each citizen to attend a concert before it all ended. What artist would you go see perform and why?
CM: Prince and Mary J Blige, because they are the greatest show on earth.
FS: You have accumulated a lot of fans throughout your career. What’s the one thing you feel your fans do not know about Chasity Melvin?
CM: They just don’t know how many sacrifices I made to get where I am today. I feel a lot of fans think things come easy to professional athletes, but just like in life, everyone has a story.
FS: I can imagine playing overseas can get lonely at times. You come from a tight knit family. How have they helped you through those times when you’re just fed up and want to go home?
CM: Well my Dad taught me early on that God was going to be the most important person in my life because he and Mom couldn’t always be there. I honestly can say when I get lonely over here that’s when God takes me in his arms and carries me.
FS: Hip Hop or R&B?
CM: R&B for life.
FS: When the game is over and your hitting the town with your teammates. What designer do you prefer to get fresh with?
CM: I really get a lot of my clothes from overseas and my teammates say I’m on some overseas stuff. I’m a sneaker fiend though so I have some dope Nike kicks for when it’s time to chill.
FS: Nike Zoom by Kobe or Air Jordans?
CM: Neither. Nike Huarache is my favorite.
FS: There are so many girls out there aspiring to be just like you. Your independent, successful, and one of the best to do it in the WNBA. What is the one piece of advice that you would give them in their pursuit of their dream?
CM: Have confidence and work hard at your weak areas. Never ever, ever lose your confidence!
FS: When you’re done with being a professional basketball player, will your next title be Coach Chasity Melvin at the college or professional level?
CM: I would love to coach at the professional level or overseas. I would also like to be a commentator or basketball analyst. I’m just going to have to try a few different things until I realize my next passion.
Chasity I see the Unseeable so I know I can reach the Unreachable…Faith
Paula White said , “Champions have the courage to keep turning the pages because they know a better chapter lies ahead.” Chasity Melvin is definitely a champion for what she has done for the game of basketball and the lives she has changed of people all over the world. She is a 12 year WNBA Veteran and entrepreneur who has created and expanded her brand and continues to add to her legacy as the days pass. She has her own sports blog website,; where she talks about everything basketball. She is a student of the game and continues to have great success both in the states and overseas. Chasity Melvin embodies all the qualities we represent at IndiependenceTV and she is a tremendous talent.
Follow Chasity on twitter @chasitymelvin, and follow me @fatalson. Always pursue your dreams and DECLARE YOUR INDIE’PENDENCE!!!!!!

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